Implementation of online dispute resolution processes in Quebec ecommerce companies

In Automatised platform : a trendy online dispute resolution tool ? I described various initiatives which aim at the development of extrajudicial dispute resolution methods.

As you may know, I am currently working on the introduction of online dispute resolution (ODR) processes in Quebec ecommerce companies which have cross-border transactions under the expertise of Arthur Oulaï.

This fall, the Ethics of research committee of Sherbrooke University has granted me a Certificate of ethics which allows me to begin my interviews with ecommerce actors mainly :

  • ecommerce platforms suppliers;
  • online dispute resolution suppliers.

At this point, I am in touch with the most pertinent actors and the research is going smoothly.

Moving abroad, this week took place the Cyberweek 2011.

Among the various and interesting topics discussed, let me share this great webinar organized by Alberto Elisavetsky, an Argentine expert in online dispute resolution. In this video, he presents how to introduce ODR in emerging countries :

The key aspects I noted :

  1. to build peace, you need Internet connection. Behind this statement, an Internet access means infrastructure and economic development which are examples of an improving stability of a country. It also means a better education of this people who can use a computer. Alberto Elisavetsky explains this through the example of Africa where the conflict are also linked to misunderstandings, and therefore a better to access to information would mean a greater ability to resolve problems.
  2. the presentation of various solutions to expand online dispute resolution such as :
    • the blog (2006);
    • the website;
    • the organisation of virtual event like the Cyberweek in spanish.
  3. online dispute resolution and e-ADR. Disputes can be solved online even if they aren’t commercial disputes.
 To be continued …
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