Online dispute resolution worlwide tour, part 1

Social media have given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge about extrajudicial conflicts resolution over the years. Plus, I can understand and speak several languages, and such skills have allowed me to share on Twitter, LinkedIn with experts from all around the world. Faithful to the famous web 2.0 motto « share & converse », let me present 3 videos and 1 document which define online dispute resolution processes according to the :

  1. Hispanic world : Gabriela Szlak, Online Dispute Resolution Program Director at Instituto Latino-americano del comercio electrónico (ILCE), in Argentina;
  2. English world : Colin Rule, CEO, Modria, an ODR supplier in the United States. Former director of online dispute resolution Ebay and Paypal (2003-2011);
  3. Asian world : Herbert Smith, Guide to dispute resolution in Asia;
  4. French world : Laboratoire sur la cyberjustice, Montreal University, Quebec (Canada).
The Hispanic world : Gabriela Szlak
The English world : Colin Rule
The Asian world :

I would like to thank @BenZiegler, @ict4peace, @netlawtweets and @emandai for their precious help to find videos about the Asian reality in ODR. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any relevant video but I found the eighth edition of the Herbert Smith Guide to dispute resolution in Asia published in September 2010, which I strongly advise you to read.

The French world :

Online dispute resolution is not quite as popular in the French-speaking world as in the rest of the world, even though there are experts in our field like Karim Benyekhlef or Fabien Gélinas, who happen to be the main researchers in the project Laboratoire sur la cyberjustice. Regarding Quebec, I found this brief report made by Quebec Bar in 2011. Since their channel don’t allow me to embed the video, and this video is not always very relevant, the part I find most interesting begins from 3″35 to 4″25.

I will detail on those documents in the next posts.

To be continued …
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