Automatised platform : a trendy online dispute resolution tool ?

A few months ago, I dedicated a post about the launch of a new automatised platform, SEMADISC which had occured last summer in Spain.  Online dispute resolution methods have become more popular over the last years.

Between 1999-2004, online dispute resolution (ODR) methods aroused the curiosity of many researchers and practitioners. Indeed, you can find several articles about platforms such as SquareTrade (USA), CyberTribunal (Canada) and Electronic COnsumer DIspute Resolution (ECODIR) in Europe which were the only ones to offer an ODR tool. Since the end of SquareTrade and CyberTribunal ‘s activities, articles about this topic have become scarce.

Online dispute resolution : a renewed interest

Despite the fact that online dispute resolution methods were ignored in the mid 2000, they have brought about a renewed interest for the last two years.

First of all, the Cyberjustice laboratory developed by the University of Montreal and launched in the Spring 2010 stands as a great improvement in the promotion and the implementation of ODR in the province of Quebec.

The purpose of the CRDP’s Cyberjustice Laboratory project is to create a research infrastructure in which to develop different software solutions to the many problems currently plaguing the justice system.

Furthermore, at the end of October 2010, took place the Cyberweek, organized both by the Werner Institute for negotiation and dispute resolution at the Creighton University and the National center for technology and dispute resolution which virtually gathered researchers and practitioners. Their aim is to develop the knowledge in this field and to promote these tools.

At the beginning of this year, the launch of, the first open source ODR platform, widens the perspective.

Last but not least, the work of  UNCITRAL last year also show a bright future for the implementation of online dispute resolution.

And the province of Quebec ?

The topic of my Master’s essay is about the implementation of ODR platform with companies from Quebec which have cross-border ecommerce transactions. I will work under the supervision of an expert of ecommerce and dispute resolution Arthur Oulaï who teaches at Sherbrooke University.

To be continued …

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